Stunt Run 5K For Sale!

What is the
Stunt Run?

This is one of the most extreme 5K Obstacle Runs (OCR) in the USA. It is the world’s only Stunt Run from a creator of Nitro Circus and features 12+ obstacles. By tapping into over 20 years of stunt production experience, we’ve brought the expertise previously only available to X Games athletes to the masses to give everyone the thrills they’ve been seeking! 

Taking advantage of the incredible advancements in safety technology, you can now push the limits of possibilities just like professional stunt performers! Most of the obstacles were manufactured by ZeroShock. The ThrillSeeker Stunt Run 5K was designed to feel more like a roller coaster than a run and put you in control of your ride! Tangible and non-tangible assets are a part of this sale as a whole. However, individual pricing is available upon request.

Stunt Run Obstacles

Spinning blocks

Dive N' Slide

punch wall

pole vault

Swingers Island

Jumbo flyer Slide

Mount Slippery

Floating Sidewalks

the Juggler naught

Zip'n slide

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